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Is there work to be done with 5G?

by Andy Clutton

The Government recently announced its plans to phase out 2G and 3G services to pave way for 5G and 6G network technology. The prospects of 5G and 6G on our phones seems exciting but providers will need to work hard on boosting the service availability.

Here, Mijo Soldin, Director of Operator Partnerships and Strategy at Infobip discusses the current landscape of 5G network technology in the UK and poses what the core focus on needs to be for the next year:

“Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has announced the Government’s plans to phase out 2G and 3G mobile services by 2033 to release radio waves for 5G and 6G network technology.

“Whilst this announcement is exciting for consumers who are quick to embrace new trends and technology, Ericsson’s latest 5G report shows service providers are lagging behind. Only 29% of current 5G users are satisfied with the innovative apps and services included as part of a 5G plan. 5G has the potential to increase the speed of interaction and create the conditions for a wide and growing set of revolutionary new service propositions and channels, but providers are currently offering a limited 5G experience.”

“The intuition and connectivity of 5G is beneficial for operators, businesses and customers. It enables data to be transferred quicker than ever before, with less latency and more securely. This technology could be the difference between a completed purchase and an empty basket. Nevertheless, 5G technology does require preparation from businesses to ensure it delivers a faster, smoother and more personalised experience – and that should be the focus for the year ahead.”

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