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Retail crime prevention platform launches in UK

by Andy Clutton

Auror is officially launching its retail crime prevention platform into the UK market in May this year.

Already established in the US, Australia, and New Zealand with retailers including Walmart, Woolworths, and Coles, Auror now has additional offices in London, ready to address the £5 billion retail crime problem across the UK.

Auror’s Chief Customer Officer, Rhod Thomas, says he is excited to be back in the UK and leading the company’s launch. The Wales native has been based in New Zealand for the last ten years, guiding Auror’s key partnerships with enterprise retailers in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“We have customers in every major English-speaking country around the world,” he says. “One thing we’ve realised is the challenge retailers are seeing globally – for instance, violence, aggression – it’s consistent across every market. We’re able to help our retail partners across the globe, and we’ve realised we can make an impact here in the UK doing that too.”

“We will be working with UK retailers, and I’m excited to develop those partnerships. We will make these retail partners successful in the platform, and then we’ll work to transform the relationships between retailers and police, ensuring collaboration, actionable intelligence and ultimately, reduced retail crime – meaning safer communities for everyone.”

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