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London building secures access via Google Wallet credentials

by Andy Clutton

Smart Spaces has partnered with HID to make access to Workspace’s The Light Bulb building in London simple and secure by making door access credentials available in Google Wallet for all SME customers who lease offices and studios at the centre.

Any registered Android smartphone user can now gain quick and seamless access to The Light Bulb by holding their device near any NFC-enabled HID Signo reader, with doors then opening automatically.

Smart Spaces is the first HID Technology Partner to carry out such a Google Wallet integration project, with Workspace the first customer in the world to benefit from this technical collaboration.

Chris Boultwood, Workspace’s Head of Technology, says, “Our customers are agile, ambitious SMEs who are digitally savvy, and we know how much they appreciate having ease of access to the building with just their phones. We’re always looking to make their experience as seamless as possible and the HID/Google Wallet door access is a natural step forward at The Light Bulb. We’re now excited to start rolling this out across other London locations.”

Smart Spaces’ OS is used by Workspace’s customers to not only access the building, but to book meeting rooms and receive information about events and activities happening onsite, with the software branded MyWorkspace.

Unlike issuing traditional plastic RFID access cards, shifting to digital offers self-service plus the seamless provisioning of credentials, making it far easier for all concerned – Workspace’s customers as well as onsite facility management staff.

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