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The Keyholding Company launches new risk management software

by Andy Clutton

The Keyholding Company has launched new cloud-based physical security risk management software that provides digital risk assessments and data analysis to help clients reduce spend without compromising protection.

The Risk Management Tool combines an in-person client consultation with digital site risk assessments. The in-person consultation captures bespoke risk appetite, assets, threats and impact levels to set protection baselines. The risk assessments are conducted via a mobile app comprised of 38 pre-configured questions replicating NPSA best practice security guidelines.

The output is dynamic risk dashboards where every site can be examined at a granular level, drilling down into asset-level data to identify areas of concern and evaluate security measures to ensure correct outcomes.

This quantitative approach to physical security and use of data-driven models offers insight and helps security professionals make smarter, cost-effective decisions.

The Risk Management Tool is the brainchild of Rachel Webb, a Chartered Security Professional and Professional Doctorate candidate in Security Risk Management. When speaking about the tool, Rachel says, “This tool has huge potential to help security professionals take creative control of their security outcomes and feel confident using data to spend their budget effectively and implement changes that will have a marked impact on safety.”

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