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Touchless parking supports lockdown easing

by Andy Clutton

With lockdown easing, businesses slowly re-opening and people starting to use their cars more, WPS has launched a set of touchless upgrades to its Pay-on-Exit ParkAdvance system to mitigate issues around possible virus-transfer at barrier terminals and pay stations.

The solution, which facilitates a touchless parking journey from arrival to departure, includes a replacement touchless infrared ticket printer button for entry terminals, where the customer waves their hand in front of the new sensor and the ticket is issued without pressing to avoid any possible virus transfer.

Pay stations can also be upgraded to touchless with the installation of a new surface-mounted, optical ticket scanner. Instead of inserting a ticket and receiving it back (with a possible risk of virus cross contamination between successive customer tickets), users can now simply wave their ticket barcode in front of the optical scanner which reads a ticket without it needing to be inserted. The payment can then be made using existing contactless payment card readers to complete the touchless experience.

WPS’ Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology can also be added and coupled with cashless payment apps.


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