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Inner Range simplifies Integriti licensing

by Andy Clutton

Inner Range has announced the simplification of the licensing model for its access control and intruder detection system Integriti. Partners and customers will now be able to choose from four software options that include sets of features, rather than needing licences for each feature individually thus changing the way systems are designed and quoted.

The four software options are:

Express – For basic administration of sites with a single controller.

Professional – Extends management abilities to multiple controllers and multiple sites. It’s the first software edition that allows expansion and integrations to be added.

Business – For businesses that use Integriti in their daily routines including using reporting capabilities. This is the first edition that includes CCTV integration.

Corporate – Enterprise-grade software accommodates large scale sites and includes features for on-site guards and monitoring.

Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range, said: “Our new licensing model offers four clear and transparent options for partners and customers that are much easier to understand and explain, as well as being cost neutral. We hope our simplified structure will make Integriti’s power and sophistication much easier to access.”

The new model is being released as part of an overall update to Integriti, Version 20. The update includes other features such as a new integration with HID’s Origo Bluetooth system to use mobile credentials.

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