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Vemotion Viewer App is enhanced

by Andy Clutton

Vemotion Interactive has enhanced its real-time video and audio streaming apps, with an automated Real-time Incident Alert and Review feature.

Using the Vemotion streaming app’s new functionality, users can now be automatically notified of any incident activated by a defined event, such as motion detected movement or an alarm. On activation, an email is sent, which includes a link that takes the user directly to the point in time of the triggered incident on the streaming remote video.

Operators can then choose to review, pause, rewind or zoom into the event of interest, to see the event’s detail unfold as it happened. To save on network (GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G or Satellite) bandwidth, high-resolution video resides on the edge, within the Vemotion encoder, meaning that whilst optimised lower resolution video is streamed live to save data, on demand, a HD quality stream of the incident footage can be downloaded; to provide visual verification and identification of scene detail, such as people or vehicle license plates, etc.

As well as automated incident alerts, the Vemotion Viewer app’s functionality allows users to view any live footage of interest, pause or rewind it, or adjust the live stream’s resolution and zoom-in. As the only data being streamed is the picture being viewed, zooming-in delivers the detail required – but without bandwidth usage.

In addition, depending on the scenario, an operator may choose to view incident scenes as Picture-in-Picture, or dual feed, enabling them to monitor continuing live events, whilst reviewing incident detail.

To see a Real-time Incident Alert and Review demo here

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