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New passive fire protection software unveiled

by Andy Clutton

The FireArrest passive fire protection app has been launched for Android and iPhone devices. The app allows site managers, surveyors and onsite teams to communicate across multiple fire safety projects. It has been designed for use in the fire protection sector, with the aim of offering a solution that is modern, easy to use and intuitive.

Features allows fire professionals to work simultaneously on a project effectively and collaboratively while providing a complete audit trail of any work that has been completed to ensure compliance every step of the way.

Features include:

Audit Trail – The app records an uneditable log of activity across the entirety of a project to provide comprehensive end-to-end documentation for traceability.

Time and Date Stamp – Photographs taken and uploaded to a pin are automatically time and date stamped, providing an accurate trail of evidence.

Offline Mode – For when you have little to no signal, the offline mode enables you to save any changes as soon as a connection is found.

Signed Documents – All operatives assigned to a project must digitally sign all risk assessments and method statements, which is recorded for complete clarity.

Geozones – By using the device GPS, operatives can only begin work on a project when they are located within a radius of choice.

Self-Customisable Reports – Reports are customisable allowing users to download the information they require, which they can use to send project status updates to relevant individuals throughout the life of a project.

FireArrest Managing Director Mark Shaw said: “I’m delighted we have been able to roll this technology out. We’ve worked incredibly hard to create a product that is simple, affordable and effective. We are able to cover every stage of a passive fire protection project, from the first survey to completion. The app is full of tools and features which give users the opportunity to report and complete work efficiently.”

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