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Manage risk better with new online course

by Andy Clutton

The world has become a dangerous and unpredictable place. Covid-19, terrorism, Brexit, and the rise of cyber-crime have all added uncertainty to everyday life and this has a particular impact on business.

To help companies deal with increased risks and uncertainties, the University of Salford, with partner Security Exchange, have launched a new post graduate pathway aimed at those who manage risk as part of their job.

Taught entirely online, the course will fit around a full time or part time job. Looking at risk to business from a broad range of security threats, the course covers cyber security, information security and crisis management in a number of sectors including Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Aviation, Food Manufacturing and Media.

Dr Kevin Kane, of the University of Salford Business School, will lead the course. He said: “Because this course has been created with our industry partners, Security Exchange, it will provide the skills and knowledge to put to use in the work environment straight away.

“In a world of heightened risk, organisations face increasing threats from data theft, sophisticated cyber-attacks, global terrorism and the possibility of business disruption. There is a high demand for qualified and experienced security professionals to enhance operational resilience and protect individuals, assets, information, data and organisational reputation. This course aims to fill the skills gap that these new threats have created.”

The programme is highly practical, and covers a range of topics using industry specific case studies, contemporary and dynamic content and the tutors’ personal experience to help develop knowledge, strategic understanding and practical skills.

Caroline Bashford, Head of Training and Resources at Security Exchange, said: “If you are looking to enhance your knowledge of the security industry, our new course, Risk and Security Management offers essential learning. The threats faced by businesses change but they do not go away. It is essential for business to be as prepared as it can be in this uncertain world.”

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