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End-to-end remote security monitoring

by Andy Clutton

At a time when higher focus is being put on digital tools for remote working, Samsic has announced an end-to-end remote security monitoring and management solution.

SamTech is an app-accessed cloud-based platform which aggregates the management of mobile patrolling and guarding. Its functionality ranges from paperless time and attendance reporting and payroll processing to affording clients a single view into security staffing, operations and compliance via its live dashboard.

Driven by Samsic’s Global Security Operations Centre, the system monitors and controls all sites, centralises incident reporting, and standardises threat analysis and benchmarking. Live alerts keep officers in the field up-to-date with notifications including text, photos and videos, and ensure guard coverage at all times. GPS and NFC technologies support security officer and lone-worker protection as well as team accountability, assisting productivity and efficiency.

Clients can view security personnel qualifications, training and certification status, ensuring contract compliance. Data collected by the platform is easily aggregated and analysed for benchmarking and reporting. Reports can be customized to meet clients’ requirements and shared with all stakeholders.

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