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Intruder alarm survey reveals regional differences

by Andy Clutton

Data collected from MoneySuperMarket customers has revealed the UK’s most security-conscious cities, comparing the percentages of homes with and without burglar alarms in each region.

Liverpool has taken the top spot with one in two (51%), of households having a burglar alarm, or 253,359 households of the city.

Blackpool came in second place with 50% of homes having a burglar alarm installed, or 69,650 people. In Manchester, 48% have a burglar alarm in their home. On the other end, Doncaster saw one-third of the population having a burglar alarm installed in their home.

Kate Devine of MoneySuperMarket said: “The one place we should all feel safe is in our homes. We have become more accustomed to staying at home due to lockdown, so Brits are taking extra precaution in their safety. It’s great to see that more cities are installing burglar alarms into their properties.”

Whilst some cities triumphed in home security, others proved to be less security conscious. Inverness took the number one spot for the least security-conscious city, with a whopping 95% of homes failing to have a burglar alarm installed or only 2,343 of its residents.

Truro was revealed as the second least security-conscious city, with only 8% of homes having a burglar alarm installed. At the other end of the list came Lancaster, with 13% of the households having a burglar alarm installed by 2020.

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