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Critical event management platform expands into Europe

by Andy Clutton

Everbridge has announced the expansion of its critical event management (CEM) software platform in Europe, just as businesses, healthcare facilities and governments focus on the safer return of people to offices and other public places.

The Everbridge CEM solution provides an integrated, end-to-end approach for managing all phases of a critical event, accelerating the time to identify and resolve threats, and providing a unified, organisational view to facilitate more coordinated action. CEM helps organisations identify and assess the severity of events; determine their relevance to an organisation’s people, assets, suppliers, and supply chains; automate taking action to mitigate threats and track progress; and analyse performance to improve future response.

The solution leverages 225 out-of-the-box, pre-existing integrations, more than 100 communication modalities, and 22,000 risk data sources to provide a unified enterprise-wide, end-to-end platform that digitally transforms the critical event management process. For customers currently using Everbridge software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in Europe, the common architecture allows for seamless upgrades from the existing point solution to the full CEM suite.

The expansion offers several new enhancements tailored to Europe: enriched risk data, severe weather tracking and updates, transit disruption updates, and an expanded database of key points of interest including nearby hospitals and embassies.

“There has never been a more important time for organisations to manage risk, communicate with their employees and get people back to work safely,” said Javier Colado, Head of International, Everbridge. “The critical event management solution provides a comprehensive approach for leaders planning how to recover from the pandemic crisis and manage the threats that continue to occur at the same time. This CEM launch will both benefit organisations headquartered in Europe and multinationals operating there.”

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