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Axis Cleaning Services’ COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

by Risk Xtra

Your building may have been closed for a period of time and staff will want to return with confidence to a workplace that you can assure them has been properly cleaned and sanitised.

A deep-clean should be the first step in a new cleaning regime, and now needs to be at the forefront of any company plans in order to keep staff safe and able to operate.

Axis Cleaning & Support Services is one of the few companies in the UK that is able to offer the Covid-19 virus killing Clorox sanitising system.

This innovative electrostatic sprayer delivers a sanitising solution to the front, back and sides of surfaces within seconds. The product is safe for people to come into contact with seconds after application and covers up to 18,000 square feet per hour. Allowing rooms and buildings to be reopened almost immediately following use. NHS sites in Manchester and many other facilities across the UK have already been sanitised by Axis using this system.

For more information on this and the ‘Back to Work Deep Cleaning’, please visit:


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