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Hikvision launches all-in-one workstation

by Andy Clutton

Hikvision has launched HikCentral-Workstation/32, a new all-in-one workstation solution designed to allow small and medium-sized businesses and organisations to manage their video security operations and utilise a range of other security and efficiency-enhancing functions.

HikCentral-Workstation/32 is a one-box Windows-based workstation designed around the HikCentral video management software. It allows users to:

  • Manage up to 32 cameras from one or multiple sites, including up to four automatic number plate (ANPR) cameras and two face recognition cameras
  • Stream video on laptops, tablets or mobiles, and receive automatic alerts to devices
  • Find required footage quickly using simple search functionality
  • Operate video intercom and access control across multiple doors and entrances
  • Use ANPR technology to manage parking, and face recognition to automatically alert staff when known VIP customers arrive
  • Utilise HikCentral’s temperature screening and mask detection modules
  • Manage intruder alarms and radar perimeter detection
  • Store up to six months’ worth of data, optimised for efficient bandwidth usage in small businesses

Gary Harmer, Hikvision UK & Ireland Sales Director, says: “The HikCentral-Workstation/32 has been optimised to suit the requirements of expanding SMBs, no matter their sector. A full video, access, alarm and intercom system for one or multiple sites can be simply and easily managed from one central location, and IT costs are kept down with easily understood, self-managed troubleshooting reports.”

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