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Sensors help enable Edinburgh Council smart city vision

by Andy Clutton

North has been appointed by CGI to support the City of Edinburgh Council’s smart city vision. A five-year contract has been agreed, supported by a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant as part of the ‘Scotland’s 8th City – the Smart City’ programme. City of Edinburgh Council will deliver three projects budgeted at £6.4m, of which £2.5m is part of the ERDF grant. Funding secured by the Council from Zero Waste Scotland through its Recycling Improvement Fund will also be used towards the scheme.

The development of a Smart City Operations Centre will transform and enhance city management and the citizen experience by utilising data captured through a range of technologies to drive change.  Driven by CGI’s Smart City Platform, North was selected by CGI to provide the Smart Waste sensors and to provide connectivity for the solution through the IoT Scotland network. Sensor data will now be used to develop and drive improvements for better waste management, transmitted using North’s IoT Scotland network, allowing the City of Edinburgh Council to improve services across the city.

The project will see North provision 11,000 smart waste sensors in waste containers throughout the city. The technology will enable better waste management by detecting waste levels and predicting usage trends, enabling the Council to optimise waste collection and manage routes more efficiently.

The IoT Scotland network will also be used to transmit data for other critical services to enhance the council’s digital vision.  In parallel with the waste project the council will roll-out a digitally enabled proactive service for Social Housing across the city, using the IoT Scotland network.

Commenting on the partnership, City of Edinburgh Council Deputy Leader, Cammy Day, said: “The use of intelligent sensors will help us to deliver a more digitally-enabled proactive service and address many of the challenges a rapidly growing city like Edinburgh faces and will support our work towards providing clean and green communities, meeting our net zero targets and improving living conditions and wellbeing for all.”

Scott McEwan, Chief Commercial Officer at North, said: “The use of technology to introduce intelligent waste management services will create a cost-efficient solution to everyday duties, whilst improving the streetscape and health of communities, and increasing sustainability.  Working with CGI, the roll-out of the smart waste scheme is an important step that will help Edinburgh reach its ambitions.”

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