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Paxton announces 2022 Scholarship recipients

by Andy Clutton

(L-R): Jazer Barclay, Jasmine Montgomery and Karan Vani

Paxton has announced its new scholarship winners, each of whom will receive a three-month paid internship to get hands-on work experience and £10,000 towards their cost of living in their final year. The company will also start to accept new applications for the programme in November.

Each year, Paxton offers scholarships to second-year students studying STEM subjects at University of Brighton and University of Sussex. The successful students are offered a three-month paid placement at Paxton’s head office in Brighton during the summer between their second and final year. During this time, they will work on new product development projects, designed to give them real-world experience of an advanced engineering department in action. The students will then receive £10,000 each from Paxton in their final year to support them to focus on their studies with less financial concern. This year, the three scholarships have been awarded to students at University of Brighton.

Scholarship winner Jasmine Montgomery, studying BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said: “I am overwhelmed about the opportunity Paxton have given me by awarding this scholarship. The summer internship will give me the experience I need to optimise my own work, as well as give me the opportunity to gain experience and confidence working in industry. The funding will allow me to complete my studies under less financial stress and I am so grateful for this.”

Fellow scholarship winner Karan Vani, studying BSc (Hons) Computer Science, said: “Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me. Someone has invested and believed in me as a person and in my future. This will help me achieve my educational and personal dreams. I feel like I’ve made my parents and myself proud! To the donors who have made this possible, thank you for changing someone’s life for the better!”

Final scholarship winner Jazer Barclay, who also studies BSc (Hons) Computer Science, said: “This scholarship means so much to me. Being the first in my family to go to university and having come from a low-income household, the stability and opportunity this scholarship will give me during my final year of learning is genuinely priceless.”

Adam Stroud, CEO at Paxton, said: “The Paxton scholarship means we can promote careers in technology and the breadth of roles we have available to the students while they are in their second year. I remember my time well at university. What strikes me now is the massive difference between academic study and actually working for a company that designs and makes products. The value of an internship at a real company is opening your eyes to the world of work while you are still learning.”

Paxton has started to prepare for the next year’s scholarship programme and will invite STEM students at University of Brighton and University of Sussex to apply in November. Watch this video to see what past scholars say about the programme.

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