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GFE (UK) Fire business is announced

by Andy Clutton

Global Fire Equipment (GFE) has announced the formation of a new company, GFE (UK) Fire, which will trade as Global Fire Equipment (UK). GFE UK has now taken over the role as the sole importer for all GFE products throughout the UK.

GFE UK, whose main office is located in Havant, is owned and headed up by Matt Ketley: “As Managing Director of GFE UK I am delighted to take on this new role and have an exciting vision for the company. We are the sole importer of GFE’s equipment into the UK and are working to bring on board key distributors and system partners to ensure that GFE products, along with technical support, are readily available for all our UK customers.”

GFE UK has already secured partnerships with STS Distribution, Illumino Ingis and Firesense as specialist distributors, along with F & E Projects and Safetech Systems as systems partners. With a view to supporting growth plans and product availability for the UK, GFE UK is also working with a number of other interested parties that will be revealed in due course.

Commenting further, Matt adds: “We are looking for significant and sustained growth within the UK market, based on providing successful mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We plan to radically increase awareness of the GFE brand and products.”

João Paulo Ajami, Managing Director of the manufacturing company Global Fire Equipment, comments: “The UK has always been an important market for GFE and offers a lot of growth potential, so we are delighted that GFE UK has taken on the role as our sole importer for this dynamic market. We are committed to the UK market for the long-term and we have set our sights on significant market growth. We believe Matt and his team are ideally positioned to help us achieve these goals and quickly increase our presence.”

Group Business Development Director at Global Fire Equipment, Paul Pope, adds: “It is a really exciting time in GFE’s growth plans for Matt to have established GFE UK.  I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for more than ten years, so I am particularly delighted that he has taken on this opportunity. He is a great character and is both highly experienced and respected in the UK’s fire sector, so I am sure that he will do a fantastic job in further strengthening the presence of GFE and our products in the UK.”

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