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SmartWater used to tackle equipment theft

by Andy Clutton

The SmartWater Group is working with The Survey Association (TSA) and survey equipment manufacturers to help tackle the growing problem of surveying equipment theft. Increasingly, criminal gangs are targeting building and transport construction sites to steal expensive surveying tools.

SmartWater Technology, a division of the SmartWater Group has been working with TSA for the past two years, mapping organised criminal gangs targeting survey equipment nationally and providing support to police investigations.

Members of TSA report their crime data to SmartWater’s team of Intelligence Analysts who study the information and build up informed patterns of criminality. The construction industry is similarly targeted by the same criminal gangs. When businesses lose valuable equipment, projects are seriously disrupted and livelihoods lost.

SmartWater proactively use the data to build as full an intelligence picture as possible, helping to pinpoint the activity of Organised Crime Groups.

TSA President, Adam Bradley, noted: “It is vital that TSA Members and those in the wider construction industry impacted by theft, continue to provide SmartWater with the data needed to disrupt organised criminal activity. Reporting every incident of theft and attempted theft to SmartWater builds the evidence required to make arrests and recover stolen equipment.”

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