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Security officer apprenticeships for Scotland announced

by Andy Clutton

Skills for Security is set to launch a Security Officers Services Apprenticeship in Scotland with the training delivered by the Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO). The apprenticeship provides security officers with the most up-to-date training to develop the skills and expertise needed for a modern, professional security officer.

The apprenticeship itself will cover First Aid, Health and Safety and SIA licence (public space surveillance, door supervisor, security officer) followed by an opportunity to specialise in Public Space Surveillance, Door Supervisor or Security Office. Each of the specialisms will cover the following requirements:

  • Assessing and Controlling risks
  • Recognise the security needs of stakeholders
  • Identify and assess threats
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and provide device
  • Ensure security of communications GDPR compliance
  • Conflict Management
  • Use communication effectively whilst also presenting a professional image
  • Develop interpersonal skills that are accustomed to security operations

David Scott, Managing Director, Skills for Security said: “Some excellent news for our sector. After many years of development and consultation, we finally received full approval for the Scottish Providing Security Officer Services Apprenticeship. It has taken time and the efforts of many people to see this over the line, but we are extremely pleased to see the start of our first cohorts of learners being enrolled imminently throughout the whole of Scotland. I firmly believe that this is a vital step in professionalising the sector and attracting new talent into the sector.

“Thank you so much for all the support, a personal thanks should go to Russel Kerr from SecuriGroup who was instrumental in seeing this over the line, the BSIA for financially supporting the project and Highfield for the development of the SVQ qualification. I am excited to see thousands of apprentices complete the programme over the coming years.”

The first cohort of learners will be starting at the beginning of 2022. Email here for more information

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