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New security management platform for the Ally Pally

by Andy Clutton

Alexandra Palace is the latest organisation to sign up to Halo (v5), the crowd safety, security and threat management platform. Halo Solutions, the designers of the platform will equip the Grade II-listed premises with a range of crowd safety and security capabilities to protect its buildings, services, infrastructure and the public.

Halo (v5) will be used 24/7 to monitor the building premises, ice rink, theatre and car park areas, handle all incident management, digitising security checks and procedures, standing orders and security tasking. The technology will streamline all security, crowd safety checks and reporting procedures. It will also be used to assist in Alexandra Palace’s overall enhanced security preparedness to tackle counter terrorism under Martyn’s Law and play a pivotal role in ensuring crowds enjoy their experience at the venue in a safe and secure environment.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO and Halo founder, Lloyd Major, said: “We are delighted and thrilled to be working with such a proactive team at Alexandra Palace and for Halo (v5) to be playing an important role, not only in protecting the iconic Alexandra Palace and its estate, but also in helping to keep the public and visitors to the attraction safe and secure.”

Emma Dagnes, CEO at Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust: “We welcome five million visitors to the Park and Palace each year for a variety of events and experiences, that truly enrich people’s lives. At the heart of this is people’s safety and ensuring our security standards, at all touch points, are of the highest standards. We are pleased to be working with Halo as we continue to enhance our security set up, so that Alexandra Palace can be enjoyed and bring benefit to all.”

The Halo (v5) software system acts as a central command-and-control function that operates from a standard laptop and can bring together more than ten different systems integrated into one, with more than 75 client-led features. It integrates monitoring and recording of multiple feeds of information across a venue, from security, CCTV and live drone feeds, health and safety, cleaning, public reporting, video streaming, ticket scanning, accreditation and soon will include crowd management, crowd density, flow, sentiment, mood and capacity.

It means that when an incident occurs, all the actions, protocols and decisions taken by staff are recorded in one location for greater decision-making capability, transparency, and auditing purposes. It also provides an invaluable reporting mechanism on crowd safety, health and safety and incident logging. This allows operations directors, event managers and venue owners to make informed decisions and react much quicker on events that impact public safety. Critically, in the event of a major incident or a terrorist attack, it can provide vital evidential data to support the decisions taken.

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