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Hanwha Techwin Europe

Hanwha Techwin Europe offers robust and reliable video surveillance products designed to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Our cameras, video recorders and other IP network devices are built to exacting standards which reflect our heritage of precision engineering.

Our world-class imaging technology is now being applied to more diverse business areas including access control and intruder alarms. We also provide network control systems for the security market equipped with world-class security cameras and image storage devices as well as one-stop security solutions.

Hanwha Techwin Europe offers a full spectrum of products and solutions for city surveillance, retail, transport and banking sector applications specifically designed to ensure customers’ safety on a 24/7 basis regardless of location.

We have established a global footprint with five branches, 17 offices and more than 5,000 worldwide eco-partners. These combined networks enable the business to advance towards becoming the world’s best ‘Total Security Solutions’ provider.

Additional information is available online at www.hanwha-security.eu

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