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Halo Solutions scores a security hat-trick

by Andy Clutton

Halo Solutions has announced that Premier League clubs Nottingham Forest and Chelsea plus the Championship club Birmingham City have become the latest teams to integrate Halo (v5) incident and task management software.  Chelsea will use Halo (v5) for the 24/7 security contract at Stamford Bridge as well as its Cobham Training Ground.

The clubs will use the technology to help protect and keep fans safe managing all incidents observed at matches or day-to-day on their premises, create and monitor digitised security, match day safety and pre-match checks and enhance and bolster existing robust crowd safety and security measures. The system will also streamline all reporting procedures, including reporting codes available to the public, volunteers and wider club staff to report suspicious activity, anti-social behaviour or safety incidents plus build clear and complete debriefs on every match day or month of operations for presentation at Safety Advisory Group (SAGs).

OCS Group Senior Security Manager (Chelsea Football Club), Bakary Bah, said: “We’ve seen fantastic results implementing the Halo System into match-day and everyday security operations across Stamford Bridge and Cobham Training Ground. Halo’s user-friendly appearance and flexible ability to ensure all our safety and security management is streamlined into one place was a huge reason for us choosing Halo over other platforms. We run our site security program to the highest possible standard, and the reporting capabilities of Halo help us to manage and audit all incidents, tasks, patrols and activities continuously all within one, easy-to-use platform.”

Commenting on the announcement, Halo CEO and Founder Lloyd Major said: “We are delighted to have added Chelsea, Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City to the growing list of football clubs that use Halo’s technology to provide safety and security to everyone across their sites. Clubs are expected to provide the very best crowd safety and security initiatives within their operations for fan safety. We are proud to support even more clubs on that mission, bringing digital simplicity to both matchday and everyday use with our platform. It is reassuring to see such a proactive and robust approach to safety and security from these clubs in the running of their stadia, the safety of their visitors and event experiences.”

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