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Chubb and CriticalArc announce global partnership

by Andy Clutton

Chubb’s global business and CriticalArc have joined forces to enable SafeZone, CriticalArc’s cloud-based safety, security and emergency management solution to be offered to Chubb customers through its connected services offering, Chubb VisiON+.

SafeZone supported by Chubb, can be configured so all alerts are responded to solely by Chubb’s monitoring team, an organisation’s own responders or a combination. Because of this, the solution is suitable for a range of people including field workers, healthcare and care workers visiting patients and remote workers of all types. It can also be used by universities to protect students, government and healthcare associations.

An app-based solution, SafeZone makes it easy for users to call for help via their smartphone and to share their location in real time with operators at Chubb’s security monitoring centres. In critical situations they will be directly connected to the appropriate response team for the most efficient emergency assistance.

“CriticalArc’s offering perfectly complements our 24/7 Chubb VisiON+ service which focuses on using data and insights to take the right actions at the right time,” says Frederic Peyrot, Global Customer Solutions & Innovation Director at Chubb. “Together, we can respond to alerts quickly, bringing improved connectivity, responsiveness and overall peace of mind.”

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