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Brivo partners with Reliance High-Tech

by Andy Clutton

Brivo has announced a new partnership as Reliance High-Tech adds Brivo to its service offering.

“The global pandemic has elevated the demand for cloud-based security that is accessible from anywhere, mobile enabled, increases efficiency and is affordable,” says Steve Van Till, CEO at Brivo. “Partners like Reliance High-Tech are helping to drive the adoption of cloud solutions to provide all commercial properties and multifamily residences better solutions to protect people and property.”

“We’re really excited to partner with Brivo,” said Tom Clarke, Sales & Marketing Director for Reliance High-Tech. “Across our various markets, we’ve seen an opportunity to deliver more agile and robust security solutions also noting that cloud-based access control demand has been accelerated by the pandemic.”

“Reliance High-Tech is an important partner to Brivo,” said Jon Polon, Senior Director of Business Development for Brivo. “As the market for cloud-based access control continues to grow internationally, partners like Reliance High-Tech can engage with enterprise businesses to help them realise the benefits of cloud computing.”

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