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Boots joins programme to streamline investigations

by Andy Clutton

The Nice Investigate Digital Evidence Management solution helps connect businesses and police forces, enabling them to work collaboratively on investigations to speed the delivery of justice, by ensuring fast, seamless sharing of CCTV video and other digital evidence.

The initiative is being driven in part by the National Business Crime Centre, a UK resource created out of Home Office Police Transformation Funding to improve the partnership between the business community and police. Boots is among the first retailers to join, along with a UK supermarket chain. When businesses register with Nice Investigate, they’re able to share videos with participating UK police forces. Currently, 15 UK police forces and organisations, including Hampshire Constabulary, are actively using the solution to manage digital evidence and conduct investigations.

Iona Blake, Security and Incident Manager, Boots explained: “We have a large number of stores with both internal and external CCTV cameras for investigating all types of crimes and incidents. The addition of the Nice Investigate technology allows Boots to engage in the right level of data sharing with local police forces. For us, it’s all about how can we get better at reporting crimes. In addition to improving efficiency and saving time, this program has really changed the dynamic of our relationship with the police.”

Nice Investigate is a cloud-based solution for transforming manual processes around the collection, management, analysis and sharing of all types of digital evidence in which the entire process of requesting and sending CCTV video is done electronically. Participating businesses register their cameras and can share CCTV video evidence securely and electronically. Nice Investigate stores the contact details for each participating business along with the geolocation of each CCTV camera. When a crime occurs, investigators can view camera locations on a map and instantly send out an electronic request for the relevant CCTV footage. Upon receiving the request, the business uploads the video file(s) into a secure portal. As they are uploaded, video files are virus-checked, automatically converted to a playable format and deposited into an electronic case file where they are available to the investigator for viewing.

Patrick Holdaway, Superintendent at City of London Police and Lead for the National Business Crime Centre said: “Nice Investigate provides a great opportunity for police forces and businesses to work together to ensure the swift collection of evidence allowing the police to bring offenders to justice as effectively as possible.”

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, Nice, stated, “The need for businesses and police forces to work together is greater than ever. The volume of crime is rising and getting digital evidence into the hands of police investigators can be a time consuming, drawn out, manual process, requiring officers to travel to the business location to copy and collect the evidence. With lean budgets and forces short-staffed, time is limited. Nice Investigate helps businesses and police forces break through this log-jam by removing the time-consuming manual processes.”

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