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Net2 update aids remote site management

by Andy Clutton

Paxton’s networked access control software Net2.v6.03 is now live meaning that sites can now be managed via an internet browser or smartphone app – minimising the need for regular installer site visits. Engineers and security managers can now manage a system via web browser using Net2Online or using the smartphone app Paxton Connect.

Gareth O’Hara, the Chief Sales Officer for Paxton said: “V6.03 delivers a number of very useful features for managing site security remotely, features which will be of much benefit for our installers and their customers.”

By joining user administration, roll call and reporting, new functionality means installers can exercise a higher level of security and flexibility over site management, when and wherever they are, at the touch of a button.

New and notable for Net2 access control:

  • Lockdown – secures a site at the touch of a button and quickly disables user access
  • Access Level Management – determines site areas users can access by creating exclusion zones
  • Door Control – opens a door directly from the device irrespective of location
  • Timezones – automates access to control movement of people at specific times
  • Event Filters – quickly finds specific events for site management

Chris Birch, a key member of the Net2 development team explains: “Throughout our development process, the installers we have engaged with have emphasised that the security of their empty sites is of utmost importance. We have had great feedback on the system’s ability to be able to lockdown site doors from any device, anywhere. This is proving to be an invaluable new feature for Net2. Being able to do this remotely means our customers will no longer need a member of staff manning the system at all times.”

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