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Delayed digital switch-off concerns

by Andy Clutton

BT Group recently announced that the date for the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch-off has been pushed back to the 31st January 2027. This extended deadline aims to give more time for vulnerable consumers to migrate to VoIP landlines before their older networks become obsolete. Previously, BT had planned to shift customers by the end of 2025.

However, the company has now stated that the 2027 deadline will come ahead of a complete shutdown of analogue systems by the close of 2027. Whilst the shift promises faster services, managing customer migrations, including the necessary customer provisions is critically important, and is still required for thousands of consumers and businesses across the UK.

Andy Fung, Solutions Architect at Espria believes that this extension is something many businesses still behind on their digital switch will appreciate. However, he cautions that urgent measures need to be taken in the present and not in the future, saying:

“The extension of the digital switch deadline to January 2027 provides a welcome reprieve for businesses that haven’t yet completed the move. This additional time allows them to ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential disruptions caused by a backlog of users rushing to migrate by the previous 2025 deadline.

“However, this delay presents a double-edged sword, in that many businesses who have yet to make the move might question the urgency of revised timelines, potentially leading to more confusion. Clear communication, especially from their provider’s side, will be key. Offering resources and guidance to help navigate the extended timeframe is critical to minimise disruption, and thus ensure a successful transition in time for the switching off of their current services in 2027.”

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