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FPA announces partnership with CLM Fire Testing

by Andy Clutton

The FPA has announced a new partnership with CLM Fire Testing, part of CLM Group, with two test furnaces being installed at its fire testing laboratory in Blockley. A provider of passive fire protection and fire safety solutions, CLM Fire Testing will be installing the new fire resistance test furnaces at the FPA’s fire testing facility in Gloucestershire.

The collaboration seeks to meet the ongoing demand for fire resistance testing in the UK, as FPA Commercial Director Chris Miles explains: “There is a significant lack of capacity across the UK for fire testing, particularly fire resistance testing, which has existed for many years and is impacted and exacerbated by drivers resulting from the Grenfell Tower fire and predicted to become further embedded on publication of the pending second phase Inquiry report.”

With third-party testing a vital component for ensuring the fire resistance and safety of construction materials, in 2023, the FPA became UKAS accredited to test a range of fire resistance standards for numerous product types. The valued accreditation has enabled it to fill the gaps in the fire testing market, and as Chris adds, help support the UK construction industry with the “many demands of the tighter regulatory framework”.

The collaboration will enable CLM Group to provide its clients and supply chain with access to essential fire testing. In particular, the facilities will see the fire safety solutions provider offer its clients, which include some of the main contractors in the UK, quick turnaround testing of fire resistance systems. This is in line with the growing need for evidence testing of such systems for a more compliant and safer built environment, and it takes into consideration situations where some systems may require retesting during the construction of new or refurbishment of existing premises.

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