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Need an off-grid power controller solution?

by Andy Clutton

PowerBox365, available from Orbit Solution, is a single box system for monitored powering solutions for environments that are often remote and/or without a permanent power source such as mobile CCTV or light towers. The box accepts multiple inputs such as mains (both 240V/110V), solar, bio-fuel outputs and battery and will switch between the power sources dynamically to give the best efficiency and therefore runtime of a system. This will also ensure optimum battery charging/discharging and monitoring.

Applications include:

  • Stand-alone solar solutions (lighting, CCTV) to extend run-time
  • Power control in secluded locations
  • Mobile powering (temporary powering)
  • Sites whereby mains power is only available for limited times in the day/week
  • Remote pumping and water level control
  • Mobile plant such as dust suppression, odour suppression.

The system boasts Automatic Phased shut down on power loss or to conserve energy to user defined levels and comes in various sizes and capacities. It will also be customised and amended to suit specific requirements.

Additional features of PowerBox365 include an optional local/small generator which can be provided to extend the run time for when solar energy is limited. Multiple local or remote alarm outputs are also available that can be configured to trigger as required. Systems up to 30W will be best suited to this continuous run solution; other options are available for operation on systems of up to 1kw for daytime site use and with overnight charge.

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