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BT Redcare launches all-IP signalling solution

by Andy Clutton

BT Redcare has announced the UK launch of Essential IP, a new all-IP alarm signalling solution. Connected via broadband, the SP2 grade Essential IP notifies Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) of path faults within 60 minutes.

Introduced to simplify customers’ transition from legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN) reliant systems, Essential IP is able to connect via ethernet or Wi-Fi and has eight standard alarm channels and dial capture on-board, and data sent to ARCs is encrypted e2e with AES. Common serial connection capabilities – RS232 and RS485 – means Essential IP is compatible with a range of alarm panels, so customers do not have to purchase, and installers don’t need to fit, entirely new systems.

Nick Whiting, Head of BT Redcare said: “The move to all-IP is a huge driver in the industry. Alarm installers face a significant challenge to get customers ready and transitioned away from systems that rely on the PSTN to dial out to ARCs. This technology is decades old and keeping customers safe means future-proofing their alarm signalling. If customers migrate their phone services before checking their alarm systems it would mean any legacy dial up solutions will stop working, placing premises at great risk.

“With this comes a need for solutions to be out-of-the box ready, easy to install and compatible with existing alarm systems. Essential IP has been developed with installers and customers at the forefront of thinking and is the perfect solution to help protect what matters most to customers.”

The portfolio consists of:

  • Essential: a wireless SP2 device with an integrated SIM that switches between mobile networks to find the most reliable coverage to send signals across 4G and 2G.
  • Essential Extra: a wireless DP2 device with two 4G SIMs. The fully-monitored second SIM keeps customers connected if the first one fails, and it switches between networks.
  • Advanced: a dual path alarm signalling system designed to change with a customer’s needs with both a wired IP connection and dual 4G SIMs – one fixed and one roaming.
  • Advanced Extra: ARCs will know about connection faults on the primary path within three minutes. Differing technologies for the signalling paths provides that extra resilience.
  • Ultimate: connected using a private IP connection on a dedicated BT Redcare broadband network, with its own built-in hub and backed up by two 4G SIMs. Battery backup in the alarm panel provides a failsafe and ARCs will know of any connection problems within 90 seconds.

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