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Alarm alert system for hard of hearing

by Andy Clutton

Geofire has launched the Deaf Alert, a digital vibrating pillow alarm that uses ‘listening’ technology to activate on the specific sound of a home smoke alarm.

Acoustic technology used in the company’s Agrippa’s wire-free products allows the unit to learn the specific sound of the smoke alarm ensuring activation upon hearing only the specific sound rather than any loud noise.

In the event of the smoke alarm sounding, the Deaf Alert unit wakes the user by displaying a visual ‘FIRE’ warning, flashing high intensity LED lights and vibrating the pad under the user’s pillow.

A shocking statistic from the Home Office reported that house fires without a working smoke alarm are around eight times more likely to result in a fatality. As one in six people in the UK are living with hearing loss, a staggering amount of the population is vulnerable in the event of a house fire.

Andy Collinson, CEO at Geofire, said: “During a time where more people are at home than ever before, it is an honour to be able to provide a solution that both protects, as well as, solves a problem for the deaf and hard of hearing community.”

Powered by mains, with a backup battery supply, the Deaf Alert ensures fail-safe operation should power be lost and requires next to no installation. The compact and unimposing unit includes a LED time display and alarm clock function.

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