Trevor Ball

The Rise of Wireless and the Importance of Integration

In today’s fast-paced digital age, we’re constantly subject to change. It’s no different for the access control environment. Here, Trevor Ball asks whether we truly understand the importance of seamless systems integration in today’s shifting access control market. The world of...
Posted On 15 Jan 2020

Financial services sector’s cyber security regimes “in need of urgent reform” suggests VMware study

VMware, the virtualisation and cloud infrastructure specialist, has revealed how IT security professionals within financial services firms are losing the battle to keep vital data safe against what is now a rising tide of cyber threats. In a new study*, 67% of respondents admit...
Posted On 31 Jan 2018
Duncan Hughes

Healthcare: The Vulnerable Sector for Cyber Attack

The year 2017 is set to feature enhanced attacks on Internet security, with the broad adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) leading to compromise and data often held on legacy systems being vulnerable, writes Duncan Hughes. Healthcare is one of the sectors particularly...
Posted On 27 Jan 2017