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Risk UK April 2017

by Risk Xtra

News Analysis: National Surveillance Camera Strategy. Opinion: Physical Security as a Service. Opinion: Security’s VERTEX Voice on the SIA’s 2017 Stakeholder Conference. BSIA Briefing: Security in the Education Sector. Enterprise Risk Management and Enterprise Security Risk Management: Can They Exist Independently? Chartered Security Professionals: The Journey. Physical Security Information Management Solutions: Procurement Advice for End Users. The ‘Insider’ Threat and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Education Sector Safety and Security: Fighting the Threat of Ransomware and Design Advice for Physical Security Regimes. Access Control: Integrated Business Solutions for End Users. Risk Mitigation in the Construction Sector. CCTV and Surveillance: HD Technology and IP Solutions. Power Supply Continuity and Management: UPS Systems in the Spotlight. SABRE: Insurance Rewards for Managing Security Risks. The Security Institute’s View: The Security Challenges Presented by ‘Fake News’. In The Spotlight: ASIS International’s UK Chapter on Business Travel Risk for Female Employees. FIA Technical Briefing: Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. Plus: Security Services Best Practice Casebook, Cyber and IT Security: Mitigating Risks Posed by Open Source Software, Training and Career Development, Risk in Action, Technology in Focus and Appointments

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