Risk UK February 2016

News Analysis: European Counter-Terrorism Centre and The SOMEC Project. News Special: ASIS Europe 2016. Opinion: Variables in Risk Management. BSIA Briefing: The Future of Biometric Security. Developments in Convergence: Holistic Approaches for Security, Fire Safety and IT. IRM’s...
Posted On 03 Feb 2016

Risk UK January 2016

News Analysis: European Union General Data Protection Regulation. Opinion: FTSE 100/250 Boards of Directors: Where are the Security Professionals? Home Office Review of the Security Industry Authority. The Private Security Sector and The Future of Policing. Building Safety:...
Posted On 29 Jan 2016

Risk UK December 2015

UK News Analysis: Government’s 2015 Spending Review on Security and Policing. Opinion: Security’s VERTEX Voice on The Internet of Things. Horizon Scanning: Risk Signals and Trends. Security and Civil Liberty: Draft Investigatory Powers Bill. Statements of Intent: Modern Slavery...
Posted On 08 Dec 2015

Risk UK November 2015

News Analysis: HMIC ‘Police Efficiency 2015’ Report. Opinion: Personal Safety – Are You Managing the Risks? BSIA Briefing: The Evolution of Transport Security. Security and Risk Management: Strategies for the Future. Digital Evidence: Developments in Technology. Risk Solutions...
Posted On 04 Nov 2015

Risk UK October 2015

News Update: SRI Study on Benefits of Security to UK Businesses. News Special: BCI World Conference. Opinion: Risk Management and Value Engineering – Working Together. Opinion: Security’s VERTEX Voice on Public Sector Contracts. BSIA Briefing: Data and Information Securit...
Posted On 08 Oct 2015

Risk UK September 2015

News Update: GCHQ outlines detail of joint research partnership with The Alan Turing Institute. Opinion: Security Consultants and ‘The Value Proposition’. Opinion: Security’s VERTEX Voice on Community Safety Accreditation Schemes. BSIA Briefing: UK Border Security. Demonstrating...
Posted On 10 Sep 2015

Risk UK August 2015

News Analysis: Summer Budget 2015 and the Private Security Sector. Opinion: Are Security Officers Taken for Granted? BS 16000 2015: Security Management – Strategic and Operational Guidelines. Utilities Sector Security: Intelligence-Led Strategies, Power Outages and Asset...
Posted On 07 Aug 2015

Risk UK July 2015

News Analysis: Report on the Investigatory Powers Review. Opinion: Strengthening the Case for Increased Corporate Investment in Security. The Security Market – Solutions to Risk (Part 3: PSIM). Room for Improvement: Business Processes in the Security Sector. Video Analytics: The...
Posted On 08 Jul 2015

Risk UK June 2015

News Special: Safer and Smarter – Developing the Cities of Tomorrow. Opinion: International Terrorism – Facing The Challenge. Opinion: Security’s VERTEX Voice – Have We Reached The End of ‘The Thin Blue Line’? The Security Market – Solutions to Risk (Part 2). Security Contracts:...
Posted On 11 Jun 2015

Risk UK May 2015

The Security Market: Solutions to Risk. Negotiating Contracts for Security Services. Opinion: Best Practice in Security Training and Assessment. Opinion: The Living Wage – Stepping in the Right Direction. The Risk UK Interview: Terry Sallas (Reliance High-Tech). Critical...
Posted On 18 May 2015