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Keyless management system secures assets

by Andy Clutton

Improving accessibility and security, the new Keyless ATM Management System from dormakaba enables financial institutions to better protect assets and reduce the risk of ATM attacks. Aimed at businesses that manage large amounts of cash and sensitive documents, the system utilises the Axessor NOT Safelock to provide enhanced security.

The lock is installed on the interior of the ATM pod door, preventing attacks to the exterior as there is no hardware to attempt to break and due to the keyless nature of the system, there is no risk of lost keys nor replacement costs. The system provides authorised personnel with access to the ATM using a unique identification code sent via an encrypted app. The design ensures access is granted within seconds, yet only when the user complies with a number of digital security checks.

Access to the locks can be programmed, monitored and audited remotely with the system’s central dashboard, allowing authorised personnel full visibility to view the real-time status of the locks.

Being a network-based application, the system is reported to be easy to install and set-up, reducing any downtime required to retrofit the building and can be integrated into CCTV and building management systems.

Kate Palk at dormakaba says, “We’ve developed the system to work for a range of products within the branch. From the locking on the ATM to the back office; controlling electronic door handle sets, and cylinders for staff-only areas of the building.  These can now all easily be integrated and monitored via the Reslam app.”

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