Home Technology Abloy unveils the Incendo Business ecosystem

Abloy unveils the Incendo Business ecosystem

by Andy Clutton

The Incedo Business universal access control ecosystem from Abloy incorporates software and hardware into a single management platform. Users benefit from one system that links all security solutions a building may have and integrate them into one system.

Access control regulates how people can enter and exit a building and can offer insights into the movements of staff and contractors. Incedo includes a personalised interface that combines hardware with a cloud-based system offers security and operational benefits, including access management and audit trails.

As well as integrating existing systems, Incedo can also adapt to work with future hardware if a business decides to invest in new security equipment, which includes both Abloy and third-party products. This allows the system to adapt with time, saving businesses reinvesting in a new operating system in the future.

The software integrates to all security elements of the business, including CCTV, to combine the data into one place rather than in multiple systems. Incedo can update and adapt when new hardware is introduced.

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