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2N launches WaveKey mobile access system

by Andy Clutton

2N has launched WaveKey access technology giving building owners and users safer options for accessing and reconfiguring office or residential space as general Covid restrictions are lifted but social distancing or testing requirements remain in place.

The new patented mobile access technology is reportedly capable of unlocking a door in 0.3 seconds and also solves the security challenge around totally contactless ‘proximity’ modes, completely eliminating the risk of unwanted door opening as a user walks by. WaveKey thus resolves limitations that have sometimes been associated with earlier versions of Bluetooth access control technology.

The technology is already being used, simplifying building access, enhancing security and boosting workplace flexibility for over 100 employees at the largest dealership of Jaguar and Land Rover cars in the Czech Republic.

WaveKey technology can help manage contactless access to buildings, floor levels or specific areas, as well as the handling of deliveries. It is also straightforward to assign and revoke WaveKey credentials sent directly to a user’s smartphone remotely, a convenient solution which has the added advantage of removing the need for person-to-person contact. In all of these ways, WaveKey meets the demand from property managers, architects and planners for solutions to maintain social distancing and a hygienic office environment.

Michal Kratochvil, CEO of 2N Telekomunikace, explained: “WaveKey delivers frictionless entry more quickly, safely and reliably than ever before. Mobile credentials are already common across North America and EMEA as a result of the penetration of high-end smartphones and the focus on security innovation, and our new technology elevates mobile access to the next level, ensuring greater convenience – for both user and administrator.”

More information about the new technology can be found in a video here

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