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Waterguard and Ramtech unveil collaboration

by Andy Clutton

Waterguard and Ramtech have announced plans to interlink their leak and fire detection systems in a bid to improve efficiencies on construction sites. The complete solution will enable Waterguard’s series 7 leak detection device to ‘talk’ to Ramtech’s REACT platform – a cloud-based solution which raises alerts in real time, sending notifications straight to the people who can act on them.

When combined with Ramtech’s range of wireless emergency alarms, the technology will provide a solution for commercial and residential construction projects as well as adding a level of accountability throughout various stages of development. The technology forms an integral part of the construction phase – often specified by the developer or insurance company.

Adam Jurka, UK Sales Manager at Ramtech, explained: “Construction sites are, by their very nature, dangerous places to work, and with the complex demands of modern projects, it’s vital to safeguard staff, property and equipment. By partnering with Waterguard, we have extended our service portfolio to offer a holistic monitoring system.”

Claire Mason

Claire Mason, general manager at Waterguard, added: “Incoming leak detection and fire safety is a stipulation of any construction project and Waterguard exists to shield every building and its owner from the damage and expense which comes with burst and leaking pipes. Offering both firms’ technology in a single interface saves developers time and money, Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) compliance, as well as providing an opportunity to develop unique systems to meet clients’ specific requirements.”

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