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Facit Data Systems

Facit Data Systems is a knowledge company that specialises in video and data analytics. Since 2014, the business has been producing rigorously tested software that’s intuitive to use and generates reliable, accurate and actionable data.

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation and the security of CCTV has recently been an aspect of interest for the industry and one for which our Identity Cloak video redaction software was originally developed.

Couple this with our core suite of video analytics software and we have a compelling offer to complement our partners in supporting their customers. This adds value to their established and new hardware, thereby differentiating our partners’ offerings from those of their competitors.

We listen carefully to the market requirements, working closely with our end users and our colleagues to develop answers to the challenges their businesses and organisations face on a daily basis.

Through our partners, Facit Data Systems provides services to verticals such as the public sector, healthcare, retail, finance, the Emergency Services, logistics, museums and historic sites as well as the leisure industry.

Facit Data Systems is committed to providing quality and value through its partners throughout the world.

Additional information is available online at: www.facitdatasystems.com

For further detail contact: info@facitdatasystems.com

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