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by Brian Sims

Evac+Chair is the world’s Number One supplier and original manufacturer of evacuation chairs. The chairs are designed to accommodate disabled or mobility-impaired people, allowing them to descend and ascend a staircase in an emergency situation without the need of great physical strength or lifting.

A British manufacturer with over 35 years’ experience and more than 30 distributors worldwide, including in the USA, Germany, India and South Africa, Evac+Chair has become the leading specialist in emergency evacuation, providing comprehensive training and education to ensure the effective use of its products, while also ensuring that end user customers comply fully with Health and Safety regulations. This can range from providing products and advising on the legalities that surround evacuation planning and deployment through to specific and regular maintenance.

Our range of Evac+Chairs not only covers evacuation from non-domestic premises, but also extends to the Air+Chair specifically designed for on-board transit of mobility-restricted passengers travelling by air, sea and rail. All chairs are designed to be lightweight to accommodate the passenger and handler. Most can be operated by one person and don’t require any heavy lifting. Using the basic principles of gravity and friction, all of our Evac+Chairs allow the safe and easy descent of individuals with a mobility-impairment on stairs.

From evacuation equipment through to planning procedures, we offer expert knowledge and also provide peace of mind that you’re fully-equipped when it comes to emergency evacuation.

Additional information is available online at www.evacchair.co.uk

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