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Bridewell becomes a CIR level two organisation

by Andy Clutton

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has announced that it is opening a second level within its Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme, with Bridewell as one of its first assured providers.

The scheme, which ensures that victims of a cyber attack can identify trusted providers of incident response services, has introduced a second level so that more organisations can purchase assured CIR services from quality providers. For organisations that have experienced a cyber attack, this means they can rely on assured companies like Bridewell to investigate and recover from an incident.

“It’s a testament to our team and a privilege to be one of the first organisations to achieve CIR level two,” said Martin Riley, Director of Managed Security Services at Bridewell. “It continues to demonstrate our strength and capability within Incident Response and supports our journey to becoming level one. We look forward to supporting more organisations as we help them recover from incidents and provide guidance so they can defend against future threats.”

“The NCSC’s Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme is designed to help cyber-attack victims find reliable providers of incident response services. Aimed initially at those organisations targeted by the most sophisticated threat actors, the scheme’s level 2 expansion now includes organisations of all sizes,” said Nick Benson, CEO of CREST. “As the first NCSC CIR scheme delivery partner, CREST is delighted to congratulate Bridewell for becoming one of the first level 2 NCSC CIR Assured Service Providers. This reflects the company’s ability to help private sector organisations, charities, local governments, and smaller public sector organisations recover from cyber-attack. And gives buyers the confidence that Bridewell has the necessary capabilities to help them.”

Speaking about the new scheme, Chris Ensor, Deputy Director Cyber Growth at the NCSC, said: “Falling victim to a cyber attack is really stressful. Finding someone with the skills and knowledge to help can also be hard if, like many, you are not familiar with the cyber security world. For a number of years, we have been recognising Cyber Incident Response services aimed at companies that have been targeted by the most sophisticated threat actors.”

“I am really pleased that we are now able to recognise a similar service for organisations that are targeted by less sophisticated actors, a service that will be good enough for the majority of incidents smaller organisations face. Through the NCSC badge, they can have confidence that the company they use has the right expertise to help them.”

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