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Tech Note explores cloud storage benefits

by Andy Clutton

Synectics has released a new ‘Tech Note’ exploring the benefits of cloud storage for enhancing security and surveillance operations.

The guide (free to download here) focuses on Hybrid Cloud Surveillance Solutions which deliver flexibility, allowing users to record, process, manage and store video and operational data on site, carry out these actions directly to the cloud, or seamlessly use a mix of both.

David Aindow, Business Development Director at Synectics, said: “Harnessing cloud management and storage capabilities opens many doors when it comes to optimising security, surveillance and operational control set ups.

“As well as allowing organisations to easily scale and flex their storage requirements, cloud storage solutions present new opportunities in terms of analytics, collaborative working and secure data sharing. This resource is designed to help organisations explore and understand all these options in more detail.”

In addition to looking at the core benefits of adopting cloud storage, the Tech Note also covers common questions around areas such as cyber security, guarding against network outages and data loss, and optimising bandwidth without impacting frame rate.

The Tech Note is part of a wider programme of educational activity, including a dedicated webinar on cloud storage in partnership with CCTV User Group. Taking place on Thursday 21st October at 2.30pm, the ‘Cloud Storage Explained’ webinar will include a run-down of different cloud storage solutions and a Q&A session to help those attending select the best options for their specific requirements. For information and to register, visit here

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