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HVM products protect Birmingham landmark

by Andy Clutton

A Derby company which designs and manufactures security devices designed to stop vehicles has installed two of its products at one of Birmingham’s landmarks. Securiscape has fitted three of its hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) SecuriPod IWA14 temporary barriers and six metres of its IWA14 rated HVM pedestrian guardrails across a boulevard leading through a green space at the Millennium Point meeting and conference venue.

The operators of the venue wanted to prevent vehicles driving along the boulevard from a car park without restricting pedestrians or ruining the look of its landscaping.

It is the first time that Securiscape has installed the metal HVM guardrails as a method of preventing vehicles from mounting pavements and causing harm and fatalities. They are reportedly capable of stopping a 2.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 30mph but still look identical to normal pedestrian guardrails which, since they are designed only to prevent pedestrians from accessing the road, do not have the same robust capability.

Securiscape’s SecuriPods are a series of boxes linked together by chains and are able to bring a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 30mph to a halt without needing to be embedded into the surface of the road. The SecuriPods are being used as permanent installations in Birmingham, complete with a stainless steel shroud, branding and floral displays to provide a decorative finish.

Linda Degg, Facilities Director at Millennium Point said: “We wanted to make sure that we had a way of preventing vehicles from accessing our building and wanted a solution that was both effective and aesthetically in keeping with our green space.”

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