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FRG bolsters security at Covid-19 facility

by Andy Clutton

First Response Group (FRG) has revealed that it was brought in by the University of Oxford to bolster security at its Covid-19 research facility. The Covid-19 Oxford Vaccine Trial is run by the University’s Jenner Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group clinical teams, and is conducted in collaboration with multiple study sites across the UK and internationally, including a temporary research installation on the University grounds.

After a full site risk assessment, FRG recommended a 24/7 manned security detail consisting of three security officers during the day and two at night, to ensure robust protection for the trial patients, research staff and the sensitive clinical data.

FRG’s SIA licensed security officers control all entrances and exits through the facility day and night. While safeguarding the safety and integrity of the project, FRG security officers also ensure distancing measures are followed, challenge antisocial behaviour and monitor the area for suspicious activity.

To ensure fast and consistent communication with the University, a dedicated site supervisor providing a senior level FRG presence onsite Monday to Friday was implemented. The site supervisor acts as the main onsite point of contact for the University, dealing with any issues as they arise in real time.

Simon Alderson, First Response Group CEO, said: “Without question, this has to be one of the most high-profile security operations we have been involved in, one of world-wide importance. It is an honour to have played a part in ensuring the security of the vaccine, staff and trail patients in the lead up to its national roll out.”

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