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BSIA to discuss the future of security officer services

by Andy Clutton

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is holding a BSIA Broadcast with industry experts on how security officer services will adapt and be perceived as we leave lockdown and navigate the effects of COVID-19 on the industry and the infrastructure of the country.

The webinar, ‘Security personnel – return to normality?’, will be broadcast live on Wednesday 15 July at 2pm, and will feature a panel of Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority, Ian Todd, Chairman of Security Officer Services at the BSIA, Tony Cockcroft and Managing Director of SecuriGroup, Russel Kerr. The key subjects the panel will be discussing are; how is the industry attracting people into the security and what will be the requirements of public protection post COVID-19, and what can we do to raise the perception of the role of the security officer?

The broadcast will be chaired by Membership Development Manager, BSIA, Tom Ford.

Mike Reddington, Chief Executive, BSIA, said: “As we exit lockdown and have to navigate public spaces again, our security officers will have a crucial role in supporting public confidence.  We are working closely with the Police and all other public bodies to find the best way to achieve this and our broadcast in 15 July will be a great opportunity to hear from the industry on what these challenges will be.”

You can book your place on the broadcast and also send in a question for the panellists


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