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Zaun partners with Rimal Global Group to access growth markets in Middle East

by Brian Sims

One of the world’s premier high-security perimeter protection integrators has struck a partnership agreement to better access growth markets in the oil, gas and military sectors across the Middle East. British-headquartered perimeter security specialist the Zaun Group has partnered with the Rimal Global Group in Oman.

Rimal Global Group focuses on engineering, procurement, contracting and construction for renewable energy development, oil and gas field development, power generation projects and roads development and is a keen promoter of niche global technologies in Oman as well as other Gulf countries.

Rimal Global Group will now become an authorised distributor of Zaun’s high-security fencing systems (complete with Security Ratings) in Oman. Gokul Jayanth, divisional manager at Rimal Global Group, said: “We at Rimal Global Group bring to Oman the world’s leading organisations who specialise in various products and technologies. That’s why we’ve associated ourselves with Zaun for the delivery of high-security fencing systems. The quality and precision of the company’s products is second to none.”

Products approved by the LPCB

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) here in the UK maintains a Red Book and its Security Ratings to LPS 1175 through exhaustive assessments by independent testers from the Building Research Establishment (BRE). LPS 1175 specifically covers the approval and listing of intruder-resistant building components, strong points, security enclosures and free-standing barriers.

Products approved by the LPCB are rigorously tested for resistance to deliberate attack and play an important role in protecting people and property against physical attack, burglary, vandalism and terrorism.

To maintain accreditation and a listing in the LPCB Red Book (www.redbooklive.com), manufacturers must regularly demonstrate to independent auditors that they’re producing products meeting the required standards and test results. This gives the end user customer the guarantee that they’re receiving a secure and quality product.

Experience in the Arabian peninsula 

Zaun has worked extensively in the Arabian peninsula, with the company’s clients including the Kuwait Oil Corporation, Petroleum Development Oman and the Abu Dhabi military.

Zaun’s sales and marketing director Chris Plimley informed Risk Xtra: “A customer in the Middle East has asked us to create a fencing system that could defend against forced entry for at least ten minutes. Just last month, that development fencing system based on our ‘corrugated steel mesh sandwich’ CorruSec resisted serious attempts at forced entry for over 20 minutes in independent tests conducted by BRE assessors. We believe this may be a world record for such a fencing system.”

The assessors used top-end battery-powered cutting tools including an awesome 750 W reciprocating saw with specialist blades (as used by Fire and Rescue Services teams) and 18 V circular saws, jigsaws and disk grinders, axes (including an 850 mm felling axe), a hooligan bar, a 1.5 kg lump hammer and 500 mm-long bolt cutters.

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