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Zaun adds Palisade fencing solutions to extensive perimeter protection portfolio

by Brian Sims

Pioneering perimeter systems manufacturer Zaun has entered into a previously untapped market for the Wolverhampton-based business by introducing Palisade fencing to its extensive product portfolio. The company’s production facility in Wolverhampton now boasts the most modern Palisade rolling line in the UK which runs 24 hours per day.

Speaking about the move to Risk Xtra, Zaun’s sales and marketing director Chris Plimley said: “This is a really big leap for us as we’ve not previously ventured into the Palisade market. We believe that adding this type of solution to our product range will give the industry the most comprehensive steel product line available from a single manufacturer by having welded, woven and Palisade manufacturing capabilities.”

Palisade fencing panels have long been a popular choice for securing a whole variety of high-security sites from gas, water and electricity facilities through to industrial and public sector compounds. They provide good levels of security and vandal resistance, are difficult to climb and can prove to be very robust.

Zaun’s Palisade panels are 2.75 metres wide and come in heights from 1.8 metres to 3.6 metres as standard, with different pale head styles including single point and triple point, while rounded and notched heads are favoured for school and playground installation.

In either D or a more secure W section, the pales are fixed to two horizontal rails running between fence posts at 2.75 metre centres. The system allows for raking to follow the topography of a given site without any compromise in security or system rigidity and with no time-consuming or costly on-site modifications. Fence installers can quickly and easily fix rails to posts using custom anti-tamper fixings and follow the most demanding site gradients.

Manufactured to BS 1722 Part 12 requirements

The systems come with a user-specified finish and are manufactured to the requirements set out in BS 1722 Part 12, while the hot dip galvanising conforms to BS EN ISO 1461 to give long-term weather resistance, prior to polyester powder coating to BS EN 13438:2013.

Zaun manufactures its Palisade systems to a range of thicknesses from 2 mm to 4 mm. The company can also supply bolt-down posts for fixing to concrete and matching Palisade gates.

Zaun’s headquarters was secured with Palisade fencing until recently, when the company replaced it with its own high-security weldless mesh panels after developing an ingenious method of fixing to steel Palisade fencing posts and rails.

As long as the existing Palisade posts are installed to BS 1722, they’re sufficient to support an ArmaWeave upgrade as the wind loading is almost identical.

Plimley concluded: “Our plant now has arguably the best palisade rolling line in the UK. If you couple this with the fact that we’re maintaining differing combinations of stock, we should be able to deliver quality product quicker than anyone else in the market.”

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