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Wisenet four-channel multi-sensor cameras unveiled by Hanwha Techwin

by Brian Sims

Hanwha Techwin has enhanced its premium Wisenet P Series with the addition of three new four-channel multi-sensor cameras designed to provide a cost-effective solution for detecting and tracking objects over wide open areas.

The 8 MP Wisenet PNM-9084QZ features motorised varifocal lenses for precise control of focal length, angle of view and zoom of each of its sensors, as do the 8 MP PNM-9084RQZ and 5 MP PNM-9085RQZ models, both of which are also equipped with built-in smart IR illumination for each sensor. This illuminates objects at a distance of up to 30 metres by focusing the beam in line with zoom.

All three H.265 multi-sensor cameras are equipped with motorised PTRZ gimbals which reduce on site times as they enable security installation engineers to remotely pan, tilt, rotate and zoom the lens’ positions in order to set field of view.

“These new models, which enable operators to choose from a broad range of customisable angles and zoom settings per sensor, offer cost savings for both system integrators and end users,” explained Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “Multi-sensor cameras use less cable, conduit and mounting hardware compared to what would normally be required to enable up to four separate cameras to do the same job. They also need fewer VMS licenses as only a single IP connection is required.”

Key features

*Advanced Wide Dynamic Range, which performs at up to 120 dB to accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas

*True day/night camera functionality with a removable infrared cut filter

*Digital Image Stabilisation, which reduces motion blur caused by wind or vibration and ensures the capture of sharp and stable images

*Support for H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression, as well as WiseStream II (a complementary compression technology unique to Wisenet cameras)

*Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics, including tampering, loitering, directional detection, de-focus detection, fog detection, virtual line, enter/exit, appear/disappear, audio detection, face detection and motion detection

*Sound Classification is an audio analytics feature which recognises critical sounds such as raised voices, screams, broken glass, gunshots and explosions and subsequently generates an alert to enable security personnel to quickly react to any incidents

*IP66, IK10 and NEMA4X ratings for protection against water and dust ingress as well as mechanical impact, rendering the three multi-sensor cameras an ideal choice for outdoor applications

The model numbers of the new Wisenet multi-sensor cameras are as follows:

*Wisenet PNM-9084QZ: 2 MP x four channels with 3-6 mm motorised-varifocal lenses

*Wisenet PNM-9084RQZ: 2 MP x four channels with 3.2-10 mm motorised-varifocal lenses. Built-in smart IR illumination

*Wisenet PNM-9085RQZ: 5 MP x four channels with 4.13-9.4 mm motorised-varifocal lenses. Built-in smart IR illumination

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