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Wilson James turns to Nissan LEAF vehicles for leading airport security contract

by Brian Sims

Security, logistics and business services provider Wilson James has added seven all-electric Nissan LEAFs to its vehicle fleet for use as part of the company’s operation at one of the country’s leading airports. The mains-powered models, which have been supplied by West Way Nissan, are being used by security personnel at the huge off-site facility as part of screening procedures for construction materials.

Security staff use the LEAFs to follow screened vehicles to the airport entrance in order to ensure they’re not tampered with en route. Then, once airside, they take the lead and escort a given vehicle to ensure that strict traffic regulations are met. Each Nissan LEAF is fitted with amber lights and all the kit needed to operate on an airside basis.

In choosing the Nissan LEAF, Wilson James recognised the fuel savings the business could achieve by replacing its ageing diesel vehicles, but the final decision to go ‘all-electric’ was taken for environmental reasons and is very much in line with the airport’s own ambition to be sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint.

Mark Dobson, CEO of Wilson James, said: “This is a long-standing and important client and, as part of our commitment to them, we wanted to make sure we were taking our own steps to become more sustainable. The Nissan LEAFs are perfectly suited to the job they’re doing here. We’re delighted that they not only help to reduce our carbon emissions, but also our running costs as a business. Continuing our commitment to sustainability, we’ve also added two LEAFs to our fleet for operations on behalf of our client DP World London Gateway.”

Brian Bachelor, general manager at West Way Nissan, added: “More and more companies like Wilson James are turning to the Nissan LEAF as they seek to reduce running costs and lessen their environmental impact.”

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