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Voice alarm system BIM Objects unveiled by specialist developer Baldwin Boxall

by Brian Sims

Baldwin Boxall has just announced the availability of BIM Objects for its specialist VIGIL3 and VIGIL2 voice alarm systems. These new files add to the company’s readily available library of BIM Objects.

BIM (which stands for Building Information Modelling) increases efficiency, reduces costs and saves time for building and infrastructure projects. There are many benefits to this type of approach for the construction industry and, because of this, it’s being increasingly adopted by companies worldwide.

Baldwin Boxall is a UK designer and manufacturer of voice alarm and emergency voice communication systems. The business has a wide-ranging project portfolio and strives to always understand the needs of the industry and its customers as well as end users.

The need for BIM Object files for voice alarm systems is clear and Baldwin Boxall is keen to ensure that these are available for all who require them. The company’s BIM Object files are downloadable both from its own website and also via the NBS National BIM Library without charge.

Commenting on the release of the latest BIM Objects, Nick Baldwin (sales and marketing director at Baldwin Boxall) informed Risk Xtra: “Our BIM Objects for our Omnicare and Care2 emergency voice communication systems have been downloaded multiple times, exceeding even our expectations. With requests for voice alarm system solutions growing, we’re certain that these will prove to be equally as popular. Any effort we can make to help our customers can only be for the greater good.”

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